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Let's get the most important questions answered first...

Will there be multiple styles of barbecue at the festival?
Not at this festival. Although we greatly appreciate all styles of barbecue, we'll only be celebrating and serving one style of barbecue at the festival...Lexington Style!

Is there a barbecue cook-off at the festival?
No. We only showcase Lexington Style Barbecue at the festival. There are no cook-off events at the festival.

When is the festival?
Saturday, October 26, 2024 in Lexington, NC
Free Admission: Exhibits open at 8:30 am
Opening Ceremony at the Grandstand Stage on the Square at 9:00 am
Barbecue Tents open at 10:00 am
The Festival closes at 6:00 pm
Festival Finale Concert 6:00 pm-8:00 pm located on East 3rd Avenue at the Breeden Insurance Amphitheater

Is the festival held rain or shine?
The festival is held rain or shine. All music stages and attractions are located outdoors.

Where can I park?
Parking for the Barbecue Festival is available throughout the uptown area in private parking lots located around the festival's perimeter. Community groups operate parking lots, with most charging a daily parking fee. Important! We urge you not to park on side streets or alleys surrounding the festival. Vehicles parked illegally WILL be towed.

Do you offer handicapped parking?
A parking lot reserved for vehicles with handicapped permits is located on State Street, between 2nd and 3rd Street. State Street runs parallel to Main Street. Special Note: Restrooms for disabled visitors will be located in the handicapped parking lot and other designated restrooms throughout the festival.

What are the festival rules?
For the Barbecue Festival to be safe and fun for everyone, please observe the following rules:

NO animals/pets, NO coolers, NO bicycles/skateboards/scooters/or roller blades, NO radios or amplification, NO distribution of literature or solicitation, ALL bags and persons subject to search.

Where are the restrooms?

The portable restrooms are located at West 2nd Street beside the Police Department, Stage 3 area on West 3rd Street, the square behind the Historic Court House, West 3rd Avenue behind the Pig Themed Sand Sculpture, and East 3rd Avenue near Stage 4.

Is there an area for Lost & Found?
Lost and Found will be located at the Lexington Police Department between 1st and 2nd Street at 106 North Main Street. If you get home and realize you lost something at the festival, please get in touch with the police department to inquire about items turned in.

Where are the ATMs located?

ATMs will be available in several locations. BB&T Bank at 209 North Main Street will have multiple ATMs on site. ATMs will also be available near 4th Avenue and Main.

Where can I purchase barbecue at the festival?
We'll only be serving & celebrating ONE style of BBQ at the festival-Lexington Style! World Famous Lexington Style Barbecue will be served in 3 locations at the festival. The barbecue tents are located at West Center Street, North Main Street, & South Main and 3rd Avenue. Barbecue Tent hours: 10am-4pm

Do you offer a shuttle to the uptown area?

Free parking and shuttles will operate from Childress Vineyards and Walmart Supercenter,
Handicap-accessible transportation is available. The shuttle pick-up/drop-off location at the festival is at 5th Avenue and South Main Street.

What is the entertainment schedule?

The 2024 entertainment schedule will be released in September 2024.

Is there a cost to attend the festival?
Entry to the festival is FREE. Bring along $ if you want to purchase food and beverages or enter the wine/craft hospitality garden.

Where can I find more information?
Facebook Page www.facebook.com/barbecuefestival
Instagram @barbecuefestival
Twitter @barbecuefest
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